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Web Hosting Solution

We are a web hosting and domain name service provider. Services include Web hosting.

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Energy Solution.

We are a national energy management and procurement firm helping companies implement strategies to control and reduce energy cost.

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Web Business Design

We build a full business system on the web with full user controls from inventory to shipping, including full back office support.

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Welcome to Prime Opportunities Inc. for Business Solutions.

Prime Opportunities Inc. is a marketing and management firm for Business Solutions. The Corporation was founded in 2002 by a group of business professionals. We help our clients to improve their business performance.

Our core portfolio is comprises of energy management, information technology, marketing applications, web solutions and business process services. We develop and support information solutions that enable organizations to better understand, plan and manage their key asset, their people and resources.

The Company's focus is to provide flexible, people-centered solutions that improve the day-to-day execution of the business strategy, drive the business processes that are critical for the organizations success and help companies to develop and maintain a competitive talent advantage. The comprehensive functionality of our fully integrated solutions enables our customers to manage every aspect of their business life cycle .

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Please visit our Daily Deal Site to find great deals in your city.

How a site like Buy operates is rather simplistic. The site approaches businesses, designers, retailers, and restaurants. They negotiate truly large discounts, often for over fifty percent of retail price. They have a client email list who they offer these deals too. It works whether it is a national deal or a local one. Bargains are time-sensitive, so customers may only have a day or two to purchase. Businesses love it because it offers them new customers who may either buy more products than the deal is for once they're in the brick and mortar establishment or become repeat customers (and this time at full price). Plus, the marketing give tremendous name recognition, even to those who don't purchase the bargain.

In the past most people would go to their local newspaper to get coupons, this presented a few challenges. First a person had to buy the newspaper, then they had to make their buying decisions on the limited number of coupons in the paper. What if the products offered are not the desired ones? What if the terms of claiming the benefits of the coupons are cumbersome? It presents many challenges which lead to client apathy.

The Internet has created an opportunity for consumers to get the best possible deals on products they want. There is a plethora of local sites offering up to the minute coupons on essential and non essentials alike.

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Prime Opportunities Inc., Mobile Application Department

At Prime Opportunities Inc., we build Mobile applacation and offer them in the Google and ITune Market's. We started developping mobile applacation before the smart phone came on the market, we started with Bluetooth Marketing Software. If you need to reach your target market on their cell phone we can help.

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